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Montana Wildlife Federation is taking part in an exciting regional effort – a new websitelaunched with other state based federations in the Rocky Mountain West. I invite you to visit, a website designed for hunters, anglers, and outdoor users.

This website provides hunters, anglers, and citizens the tools necessary to defend and restore quality wildlife habitat for hunting and fishing opportunities on western public lands. Information on the website includes issues of both national and state significance. Although issues across all public lands are featured, this site focuses on the western states of Montana, Wyoming, Colorado and New Mexico where public lands are at the heart of conservation and outdoor opportunities for men and woman of any means.

Features of the new website include: timely news articles about public land related issues, resources (such as links to scientific articles on wildlife, maps, and fact sheets on public lands), a travel center where a different public land area is featured each month, an action center where you can speak up to protect your public lands, and a place to share your hunting and fishing adventures and photos.

Another feature, one that is unique to this website, is the Vote Center. The Vote Center is a place where you can find our state and national representatives just by typing in your mailing address. Visitors are able to find out how our representatives are voting on local and national public lands issues. Visitors also are provided a way of communicating with specific representatives, a valuable non-partisan tool to hold our elected officials accountable. I like to call it the “Thank and Spank” section…thank em’ for doing good by our public lands, and spank em’ for treading against our public lands.

There are many threats to our public lands in Montana. Working together we will insure that these lands remain in-tact and healthy and that our outdoor heritage is passed on for generations to come!

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