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With more than 5,000 members, and 24 affiliate clubs, Montana Wildlife Federation monitors governmental, commercial, industrial and private activities that affect our natural resources, hunting, and fishing. As the leading Montana advocacy organization for sportsmen and sportswomen, we conduct conservation, wildlife, and public resources education programs and symposiums, and engage with state agencies and the Montana legislature. Our membership is dedicated to strong conservation principles and conservation policies that perpetuate wildlife, and develop lasting environmental safeguards for wildlife habitat.

MWF members appreciate that most of their contributions go directly into issue work and that we have been nationally recognized for this type of management whereby we direct $.75 to $.90 of every dollar into making a difference for wildlife and wild places.

MWF is a citizen-based, grassroots organization governed through democratic control. By a voting board of elected volunteers from across the state that also includes a non-resident director/representative from each US time-zone.

MWF is not an abstract, vague organization headquartered in another state. From Helena, Montana, MWF staff and statewide volunteers are dedicated to the shared passion for wildlife and wild places, and we work together to ensure that future generations enjoy the tremendous Montana legacy of fish, wildlife and wildlife-related recreation that we inherited from past generations. As it has been for more than 7 decades, MWF is a major stakeholder in the future of the state's natural wealth. If the wealth we have built over seven decades is going to withstand the pressures of today and tomorrow, MWF must work tirelessly to build a larger unified voice. A tenacious voice that is respected, credible and effective. A voice carrying forth the message that the preservation of our wildlife resource in the public trust, accessible to all people, available to future generations and secure within a landscape of sustainable habitat, will result in the preservation of our American hunting and angling tradition so vital to the culture and quality of life in Montana.

Montana Wildlife Federation      5530 N. Montana Ave., Helena, MT 59601      Mailing address: PO Box 1175, Helena, MT 59624
Phone: 406-458-0227      Fax: 406-458-0373      Toll Free: 1-800-517-7256      Email: mwf@mtwf.org
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